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Keep track of the latest weather conditions in your area and see radar for more

Keep track of the latest weather conditions in your area and see radar for more

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Program by: OneLouder

Version: 4.2.8

Works under: Android


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1Weather is an app that gives you weather updates and forecasts in whatever area you choose. It can offer you the simplest weather details, such as temperature and wind speed, or it can give you detailed weather information with charts and forecasts. It is a comprehensive weather app that offers you everything you need to know for today and the near future.

Get Weather Details

1Weather gives you the details you need to plan for a trip, hike, and much more. It will show you the temperature, current weather conditions, and forecasts for the hours and days to come. On the 1Weather app homepage, you will see basic details, such as humidity, pressure, wind chill and wind speed, and temperature among others. If you swipe your screen, you will see more details, such as forecasts for days to come in a simple and detailed format.

Although most people will love 1Weather for the basic data, professionals can go for the graphs the app offers. These graphs can show the development of temperature and precipitation. You can also see maps, sunrise, sunset, moon phases, and solar and lunar information. These details will help professionals plan better. If you travel a lot, you love stargazing, you travel by sea, or you are a professional who relies on the weather, this app comes in handy.

You can add up to 12 different locations on the app. These locations will show on your screen when you open the app for easy readings. You can add several widgets on your home screen, depending on what you want to see whenever you look at the app.

Great Design

1Weather is a simple app. It doesn’t have a cluttered layout and everything you need can be displayed on the home screen. It has animations that make the app really fun to use without slowing it down. The animations keep changing to make the app appear interesting.

You will find it easy to navigate through the app. If you want a custom look, the widgets allow you to add any content you want on your home screen. These widgets appear in different sizes, and you can have all the information you need right on the screen.

Should you Download the App?

1Weather is a great app for all. There are so many apps that offer most of the features that 1Weather offers, but most of them load slowly. The most advanced weather apps are heavy and come with some performance issues. However, 1Weather is balanced and attractive. You should consider it so that you can make your plans well.

You can choose to have the app show you the current temperature in the notification bar. Further, the app adapts to the size of your screen, and you can even have it on tablets. After installation, you do not need to create an account. However, you have to give location permission and turn on notifications for the app.


  • Quick navigation layout
  • Several widgets for personalization of the app
  • Can show temperature on notification bar
  • Attractive animations


  • The maps may not be accurate